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Hi!  My name is Reko and I am Canine CEO, Mascot and Chief Taste Tester here at Reko's Dream Dog Bakery.  Being a Canine CEO keeps me very busy.


I have two older dog brothers who don't always appreciate my exuberance.  I like to bounce and get the zoomies.  They just like to sleep.  My oldest brother is the reason we started baking treats.  He has become a very picky eater in his senior years and we wanted to create a treat that he would enjoy.

Auntie Cynthia is Director of Treat Technology  & Good Cheer. She is really great  at creating wildly tasty treats from my favorite flavors.  

My Mom (aka Karen) is my best friend. She's also Treat Sales and Distribution Engineer .

Auntie Cynthia and Mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen. They  baked batch after batch of treats to find combinations of flavors that we three brothers would like.  (I loved how Mom would give me a hug when I liked a new batch she brought home). 

During this process, another wonderful thing happened -  my Mom and Auntie Cynthia discovered that they liked the cookies too!!   Every batch is made with 100% yummy, human grade ingredients so now I can share  a cookie with my best friends.

I hope you enjoy these happy,  healthy treats as much as we do. 

Time to go chase a squirrel!!

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