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Hi, I'm Fritz but my people call me Fritzie. Schnauzer. Capricorn.

I love long walks on the beach, digging up sand on the beach, chasing after rocks on the beach and, let's be honest, pooping on the beach. Come on, my canine friends, you know pooping on the beach is the best, amiright? I particularly like to poop at the very beginning of a long walk so my people have to carry it for miles in that little bag. It's hilarious. Puts them in their place.

When I'm not at the beach I enjoy laying on my bed in front of the wood stove, following my people all over the house so I know exactly where they are at all times, and most importantly, keeping a lookout for the UPS man. I hate that guy.  

No, I do not -and will never- "fetch". It's degrading. I prefer to steal stray socks and prance around with them. 

I love my people (though they never pet me enough), I love my grandmas, and I especially love my Auntie Cynthia, who makes the most amazing dog treats I’ve ever eaten!  My people say I'm "food motivated", whatever that means.  All I know is I'm particularly motivated by these delicious treats, which my people can enjoy right along with me! The Elvis is my absolute favorite because peanut butter is the best! 

Besides, Elvis was a charismatic superstar and so am I.


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