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                 Thank you for visiting Reko's Treat Store


ALL NATURAL - KEEP COOL.    Our treats have no unhealthy preservatives, so please keep them in a cool place or a refrigerator to keep them fresh.

           Try three of Reko's Dream Dog Bakery varieties in this sampler pack.
      Reko will pay  shipping for a limited time, but hurry before he
                                                            eats up all the treats!

Wonder Dog  with cinnamon for its anti inflammatory properties and wonderful aroma, iron rich molasses, and beet powder for vitamin C and the antioxidant Betanin, the pigment which gives beets their healthy

color (and make them match your red cape!)

Elvis with peanut butter for protein and banana for skin and coat health because when you’re The King of Rock and Roll you can’t be looking

like a hound dog! (Nothing against hound dogs – they’re some of my best friends).

Good Boy BBQ  with bone broth  for joint health and a savory flavor and parsley for the battle against dog breath.  Ah….beef bones….is there anything better?  

Reko's 3 Pack Sampler

Great Pumpkin with organic pumpkin to moisturize skin & coat and for eye health. We have to be able to spot those squirrels and The UPS Man!  Besides, pumpkin tastes great!

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